29/01/2022. Mondo Ippico Internazionale: Vinery 30 Classic Yearlings



With parades kicking off for the Inglis Classic Yearling Sale on Monday afternoon we thought we’d give everyone a sneak peek at what’s on offer in Barn I from the Vinery Stud draft.

Lot 25 – More Than Ready (USA) x Liten Prinsessa (NZ) filly

View her sale page: https://inglis.com.au/sales/info/2022+Classic+Yearling+Sale/catalogue/25 

Lot 62 – More Than Ready (USA) x Materiality colt

View his sale page: https://inglis.com.au/sales/info/2022+Classic+Yearling+Sale/catalogue/62 

Lot 90 – Star Turn x Mistica More filly

View her sale page: https://inglis.com.au/sales/info/2022+Classic+Yearling+Sale/catalogue/90

Lot 121 – Star Witness x Once More a Lady filly
View her sale page: https://inglis.com.au/sales/info/2022+Classic+Yearling+Sale/catalogue/121 
Lot 178 – Pierro x Pussycat Dream (GB) colt
View his sale page: https://inglis.com.au/sales/info/2022+Classic+Yearling+Sale/catalogue/178 
Lot 191 – Star Turn x Ready to Order (NZ) filly
View her sale page: https://inglis.com.au/sales/info/2022+Classic+Yearling+Sale/catalogue/191 
Lot 255 – Star Turn x Skyann filly
View her sale page: https://inglis.com.au/sales/info/2022+Classic+Yearling+Sale/catalogue/255 
Lot 264 – Press Statement x Spoils filly
View her sale page: https://inglis.com.au/sales/info/2022+Classic+Yearling+Sale/catalogue/264 
Lot 283 – Maurice (JPN) x Sweet Love filly
View her sale page: https://inglis.com.au/sales/info/2022+Classic+Yearling+Sale/catalogue/283 
Lot 299 – Star Turn x Testa Sarah filly
View her sale page: https://inglis.com.au/sales/info/2022+Classic+Yearling+Sale/catalogue/299 
Lot 352 – Trapeze Artist x Zelady’s Night Out filly
View her sale page: https://inglis.com.au/sales/info/2022+Classic+Yearling+Sale/catalogue/352 
Lot 373 – Star Turn x Alma’s Angel colt
View his sale page: https://inglis.com.au/sales/info/2022+Classic+Yearling+Sale/catalogue/373 
Lot 377 – Press Statement x Amberino filly
View her sale page: https://inglis.com.au/sales/info/2022+Classic+Yearling+Sale/catalogue/377 
Lot 381 – More Than Ready (USA) x Amplified colt
View his sale page: https://inglis.com.au/sales/info/2022+Classic+Yearling+Sale/catalogue/381 
Lot 410 – Headwater x Beechal colt
View his sale page: https://inglis.com.au/sales/info/2022+Classic+Yearling+Sale/catalogue/410 
Lot 418 – More Than Ready (USA) x Bewildering filly
View her sale page: https://inglis.com.au/sales/info/2022+Classic+Yearling+Sale/catalogue/418 
Lot 425 – Maurice (JPN) x Blazing Dragon filly

View her sale page: https://inglis.com.au/sales/info/2022+Classic+Yearling+Sale/catalogue/425 

Lot 454 – All Too Hard x Champagne Ready filly
View her sale page: https://inglis.com.au/sales/info/2022+Classic+Yearling+Sale/catalogue/454 
Lot 477 – Pride of Dubai x Contango Miss colt
View his sale page: https://inglis.com.au/sales/info/2022+Classic+Yearling+Sale/catalogue/477
Lot 485 – All Too Hard x Cubana Moss filly
View her sale page: https://inglis.com.au/sales/info/2022+Classic+Yearling+Sale/catalogue/485
Lot 491 – All Too Hard x Dayeala (NZ) colt
View his sale page: https://inglis.com.au/sales/info/2022+Classic+Yearling+Sale/catalogue/491
Lot 495 – More Than Ready (USA) x Demanding Miss filly
View her sale page: https://inglis.com.au/sales/info/2022+Classic+Yearling+Sale/catalogue/495
Lot 508 – Headwater x Diva Lamore colt
View his sale page: https://inglis.com.au/sales/info/2022+Classic+Yearling+Sale/catalogue/508
Lot 582 – More Than Ready (USA) x Giovanna Bella (NZ) filly
View her sale page: https://inglis.com.au/sales/info/2022+Classic+Yearling+Sale/catalogue/582 
Lot 620 – Russian Revolution x Hot Summer Night filly
View her sale page: https://inglis.com.au/sales/info/2022+Classic+Yearling+Sale/catalogue/620 
Lot 640 – Star Turn x Invincible Dream filly
View her sale page: https://inglis.com.au/sales/info/2022+Classic+Yearling+Sale/catalogue/640 
Lot 655 – Deep Field x Katswiri filly
View her sale page: https://inglis.com.au/sales/info/2022+Classic+Yearling+Sale/catalogue/655 
Lot 683 – No Nay Never (USA) x Miss Eisenstadt filly
View her sale page: https://inglis.com.au/sales/info/2022+Classic+Yearling+Sale/catalogue/683 
Lot 716 – More Than Ready (USA) x Royal Flute filly
View her sale page: https://inglis.com.au/sales/info/2022+Classic+Yearling+Sale/catalogue/716 
Lot 786 – Headwater x Fill Me Up colt
View his sale page: https://inglis.com.au/sales/info/2022+Classic+Yearling+Sale/catalogue/786