11/09/2020. Orby & Sportsman’s Sales At Doncaster – Safety Protocols

Goffs wish to remind those planning to attend the upcoming Orby & Sportsman’s Sales at the Goffs Sales Complex in Doncaster of the COVID-19 protocols that will be in place.
The Sportsman’s Sale takes place from Thursday 24 – Friday 25 September, followed by the two-day Orby Sale from Wednesday 30 September – Thursday 1 October.
To ensure the safety and well-being of all attendees, Goffs will strictly implement the enhanced set of protocols approved in consultation with Doncaster Council taking into account the recent changes to the UK government’s COVID-19 policy.
Goffs especially draws your attention to:

  • Please familiarise yourself with the Goffs COVID-19 protocols available on the Goffs website from 16 September.
  • Entry to the Sales Complex will be strictly limited. Those planning to attend must pre-register and complete the online COVID-19 medical form on the Goffs website. Registration will open on 16 September. 
  • Entry to the Sales Complex will only be granted to those that have pre-registered and received confirmation from Goffs.
  • Face masks must be worn at all times at the Goffs Sales Complex, both indoors and outdoors.
  • Social distancing must be adhered to by everyone on the sales grounds at all times and will be enforced by the team of Goffs stewards.
  • Goffs will refuse entry to anyone that is not registered and/or shows any symptoms of COVID-19 including an elevated temperature.
  • Goffs will refuse entry to anyone who does not or refuses to abide by the Sale Protocols in full.
  • All attendees must bring and use their own PPE (this includes instructing all staff accordingly).
  • Goffs will not have any cash on site. All payments (including catering) must be made by card whilst Grooms Fees, Inward Buyer Subsidies etc. will all be paid electronically.

Two weeks out from the start of the Sportsman’s Sale, Goffs Group Chief Executive Henry Beeby commented:
“In light of the updated COVID-19 guidelines in the UK this week, we wish to reassure vendors and buyers that the Orby and Sportsman’s Yearling Sales go ahead in Doncaster as scheduled and to reiterate the importance of following our safety protocols without exception.
We look forward to welcoming buyers and vendors to our superb Goffs sales complex in Doncaster. It was an unprecedented move to relocate our flagship yearling sales from Kildare Paddocks to Doncaster as a one-off this year, but 2020 has shown that in difficult times for our industry we must adapt and be creative to facilitate the most successful sales environment possible for all concerned. We will, of course, continue to monitor the situation as things can change with little or no notice but vendors and purchasers may rest assured that we have contingency plans for all foreseeable eventualities.
The Goffs team are continuing to proactively promote the sales and, together with Irish Thoroughbred Marketing, will provide as much assistance as possible to buyers attending as well as those who are not travelling but plan to take part via Goffs Online. We will also publish a list of agents who will be in attendance at Doncaster and are available to act as an inspector whilst we will be available to take phone bids from any potential purchaser.
We recognise the increasing challenge facing everyone and appreciate the difficult decisions facing the Governments of every country as they battle this pandemic. Covid 19 has presented huge issues for every sales company around the world, but we must remember that this is a business and all attendees are directly involved in either buying or selling horses. By applying the detailed protocols to deliver the social distancing measures required to ensure compliance with the latest directives our sales grounds will continue to offer a safe and compliant environment in which to conduct the business of buying and selling the world class yearlings entrusted to us.
The dates and location may be different this year but the outstanding quality on offer at Goffs Orby & Sportsman’s remains the same.”

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