04/05/2020. Goffs & Arqana React To Latest Developments…combined Breeze-Up Sales with the last week in June remaining the most likely date for the sale


The teams at Goffs and Arqana continue to work towards their combined Breeze-Up Sales with the last week in June remaining the most likely date for the sale.

The Irish Government’s lockdown roadmap, which was issued on Friday, provided some clarity on what may be possible whilst the UK’s position is likely to become clearer on Thursday after which plans for all European Breeze-Up sales will be discussed with Tattersalls to ensure, where possible, dates are harmonised leading to a coordinated approach to the Breeze-Up sales calendar in everyone’s best interests. The resumption of racing in the UK, Ireland and France is also seen as pivotal to holding viable sales so the Auction Houses are preparing for more than one outcome to the various decisions expected in the coming days.

“We are adapting all the time and continuing to explore all options to ensure we provide the best market place possible”, commented Arqana Executive Director, Freddy Powell and Goffs UK Managing Director, Tim Kent. “This is an evolving situation but we will be ready with a variety of options to inform potential purchasers, whether or not they are able to attend the breeze and/or the sale itself.

“For now our preferred option remains selling at Goffs Kildare Paddocks in the week of 29th June following a breeze at Naas some days before the sale but we do not rule out any alternative that may suit better in due course.”

An on-line platform will be in place to support the sale and allow bidders to participate via telephone and remotely whilst the prospect of an on-line Breeze, or one with very limited attendance, has resulted in accelerated preparations to provide as much information as is required for absent buyers. This is likely to feature films and reports with detailed conformation and veterinary information alongside more analysis of the breeze following feedback from the Federation of Bloodstock Agents. All will depend on how the situation develops in the coming weeks but nothing is being ruled in or out for the time being.

If attendance is limited a list of acknowledged buyers will be formulated so that notes and reports by those on the ground can be circulated to absent potential purchasers whilst Goffs may also be able to provide on-site accommodation for visitors.

Goffs Group Chief Executive, Henry Beeby and Eric Hoyeau, Arqana President feel that everything possible will be done to deliver the sales:

“Our teams are working tirelessly to adapt and react as we plan for this joint venture. The Goffs site is the best appointed for the social distancing that will inevitably be required if we can have people at Kildare Paddocks. Naturally we will follow any Government directives to the letter and have provisional plans in place to control the numbers in every area inside and outdoors.

“Whilst we have combined our sales, vendors and purchasers should rest assured that discussions with Tattersalls will deliver a workable schedule outcome for all”.

fonte : Goffs